Program Notes

Lizard Music - this aplifies a wind-up toy lizard and plays the sound through pipes, thus modifying it's sound.

Three Movements for Tape - movements one and two were created with the Moog in Maggi Payne's course in electronic music. Movement 3, (de)construction was created with a washing machine, keys, bed springs and an FX processor as well as the Moog for Maggi Payne's advanced recording class.

The Big Bang II - created with Max and Grainwave and named for a Max object type. Recorded live to DAT. The original version was created for Maggi Payne's Senior seminar class.

Boys With Their Toys - this uses acoustical and electric string instruments, using marital aids for sound creation.

Three Movements for Percussion - this uses various percussion instruments and found objects and is the backbone of the musiCircus' structure.

Trios - These pieces for wandering players consist of short works old and new, some notated and some improvisational. These works should help create the circus like atmosphere.

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