Sun, Apr 26th, 8 PM
Mills College
Bender Room
(Carnegie Hall).

What is musiCircus?

How to get there

    Bender Room
    Carnegie Hall
    Studio 10

For the performers

How do I get to Mills?

Map It!

    By car from the south: From 880 north, take the 238 to 580 connector freeway. Get on 580 west. Take the second Mac Arthur Blvd Exit. you will see a sing that says "Mills College, next right." At the bottom of the off ramp, make a left. then make a left again at the stop light. Mills is on the left.

    By car from the west: cross the bay bridge. get onto 580 east. Take the second Mac Arthur exit. You should see a freeway sign right before High Street that says "Mills College, second right." At the bottom of the off-ramp, turn right. You will want to make an immediate left onto the Mills College Campus.

    By car from the North. Get onto 580 east by way of 80 or the 24. Follow the directions from the west.

    By AC transit: the 57, 58 and the N and the NL all stop in front of Mills.

    By BART: get off at the Coliseum station. Take the 58 bus towards downtown (away from the airport) get off at Mills.

How do I get to the Bender Room?

    It's on the second floor of Carnegie Hall. (There is an elevator, so the room is accessible to the differently abled.)

How do I get to Carnegie Hall?


[Map of the Mills College Campus]

Carnegie Hall is marked with a purple + on the map.

    these are driving directions. However, all of these streets have sidewalks, so you can walk it too.

    Go in the front gate. Continue down the road you find your self on (Richard's Road) until it ends. then make a right. Make the first left you can possibly make that doesn't go into a parking lot. When you get to the stop sign, you should see the oval in front of you. On the other side of it is Carnegie Hall. It's two storied. Look for parking.

    There is a bike rack located to the right of the right hand side door.

How do you get to Studio 10? (rehersal location)

    When you get to Mills, continue down the road you find yourself on after passing the gaurd house. The music depratment will be on your right. It is the third building and is quite large. the front door has relief statues around it. Go in there. Head rightwards. Turn left at the stairs. Make the first right you can. (studio 10 is not accessible, if any of you have mobility issues, please send me email and we'll move the rehersals to a more accessbile location (concert location is accessbile)) Go up more stairs. Go all the way down the hallway. At the end of the hallway, turn left and go up some more stairs. Go outside at the door. studio 10 in on your right.