Sun, Apr 26th, 8 PM
Mills College
Bender Room
(Carnegie Hall).

What is musiCircus?

How to get there

For the performers

What is musiCircus?

. . . the Musicircus is a model that envisions a utopian possibility for humanity. It involves a horizontal, decentered, non-judgmental community effort which includes all who wish to partake. Cage's main thrust in the Musicircus is that one musician might stop trying to play in time with the other musicians around him/her in order to be able to function as an interdependent, non-interfering entity. This is the opposite approach to Western music where an orchestra, say, is supposed to function like a well running unified machine. Awareness and openness is required of the individual performers, allowing others to perform in a parallel manner thus promoting less ego-dependence and ultimately freedom. It is a practical working model of (to use Herbert Lindenberger's term) "regulated anarchy".

            - Kenneth Goldsmith John Cage Composed In America

    musiCircus is based on musical events held by John Cage. Our event varies from his however, because individual musicians are not given total freedom. Instead, small groups of musicians are given varying degrees of autonomy. This musiCircus draws also from the circus. There is simultanaeity of events. No spaces are left in the totality of the event. However, the sources of sound generation are constantly changing.

    The music is essentialy furniture music. The audience may ulimately chose to ignore the performers and instead converse with each other. This is, perhaps, our version of "regulated anarchy," where the audience is freed but the musicians are not.

Works on the program

Lizard Music - this aplifies a wind-up toy lizard and plays the sound through pipes, thus modifying it's sound.

Three Movements for Tape - movements one and two were created with the Moog in Maggi Payne's course in electronic music. Movement 3, (de)construction was created with a washing machine, keys, bed springs and an FX processor as well as the Moog for Maggi Payne's advanced recording class.

The Big Bang II - created with Max and Grainwave and named for a Max object type. Recorded live to DAT. The original version was created for Maggi Payne's Senior seminar class.

Boys With Their Toys - this uses acoustical and electric string instruments, using marital aids for sound creation.

Three Movements for Percussion - this uses various percussion instruments and found objects and is the backbone of the musiCircus' structure.

Trios - These pieces for wandering players consist of short works old and new, some notated and some improvisational. These works should help create the circus like atmosphere.