Sun, Apr 26th, 8 PM
Mills College
Bender Room
(Carnegie Hall).

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Lizard Music


This explores transformation of sound. Sound is acoustically altered, different components of the sound are amplified or distorted, others are discarded.
The mixing board operator selects which parts of the sound to highlight.

[Lizard] represents a wind-up tpy lizard. It is miced with a contact mic. This piece lasts for the duration of the toy winding down.

    The pipe speakers should have approximately the same circumference as the pipe opening. The pipes should not be miced with contact mics, but regular, vanilla mics placed just inside the opposite end of the pipe from the speaker. Picking up room sounds is acceptable, even desirable so long as it is being altered by the rverberance of the pipe.

    The sheet metal should be driven by a piezzo or similar flat speaker attached flush against the metal. The reverberant sounds of this arrangement are picked up by a contact mic placed also on the sheet metal.

    Dry lizard sound may also be mixed in.

How to Mix:

    This is completely up to the mixer.