Sun, Apr 26th, 8 PM
Mills College
Bender Room
(Carnegie Hall).

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Where did all the notes go?

Don't worry. No one will know if you screw up. Let's say you're handed a piece of music that says, "have a conversation." This could mean a lot of things. It could mean to start talking to people in your group. It could mean to talk to audience members. It could mean to have a "conversation" musically, that is, to play with each other imitating a conversation's rythym and spaces. Any of these interpretations is equally correct.

    When you're handed a piece of music like that, you should discuss with other players in your group what you think it means you should do. Pick somebody's interpretation. Go with it. Make sure to listen to each other. It's different, but it's still music. Don't worry about it too much. Just play what sounds cool and play with the other people in your group and you'll do fine.