Sun, Apr 26th, 8 PM
Mills College
Bender Room
(Carnegie Hall).

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Performer's Information

we need six musicians to play instruments- they will be divided into 2 groups of three, and they get to wander the room for the entire hour and a half of the concert, playing... each group gets 40 one minute pieces (on index cards) and they get to wander around playing for people... we need people for this piece that can carry their instruments... we are also hoping for at least one vocalist in each group, so they can carry the index cards... the pieces are pretty easy, you get to mingle with people, and then play at them, you know, that sorta stuff...

one piece is a percussion piece... we need 4 musicians for it, you get to play found objects... it plays one time, and lasts a little less than 10 minutes

and last (probably not last, really) we need aproximately 10 WOMEN musicians for this piece. it's a piece for stringed instruments and vibrators (the vibrator is for the stringed instrument, not you) You don't have to play a stringed instrument to play in this piece, because, well, we aren't exactly using your traditional methods of playing a stringed instrument... and you don't have to have either a vibrator or a stringed instrument to play, because we can supply those things... of course, if you have a vibrator, and/or a stringed instrument, we would prefer if you brought your own.. or if you really don't want to/can't play for some reason, or if you have extra vibrators/string instruments, you can always donate them so someone else can play... but anyway, it'll be fun. it'll be something you can tell your grandkids. (and it actually sounds _really_ cool...)