Sun, Apr 26th, 8 PM
Mills College
Bender Room
(Carnegie Hall).

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Performer's Information

This show is exacty 90 minutes long. At no point during those 90 minutes should there be a break. At any moment, at least one thing will be occurring, and often, two or three things might overlap. There are several descreete pieces of music within the show, but from the audience's perspective, the entire show can be taken as a whole.

    The entire event is timed, current time will be projected onto a screen and also displayed with a televsion where the screen is not visible. On another screen in another part of the room, Barbarella may be projected, depending on the availablity of projectors.

    Food will be served during the entire event. The audience is encouraged to walk around, talk and mingle while the musicians move in and among them. the atmosphere is circus-like in the simultaneity of the events and in the lack of attention paid to them. Circusses exist only to amuse and entertain. There is no profoundness or seriousness to them. Similarly, the sounds produced here are "furniture music." The audience may chose to ignore the performers if it sees fit.

    Control of the density of electronic/pre-recorded sound production will be from a centrally placed mixing board. The overall level of denisty and intensity is graphed below.

Performers should take note of where in the time line their piece falls and adjust the density/ intensity accordingly. The audience should feel a little overwhelmed at the peak. Please note that this graph does not reflect amplitutde directly, although one would expect the more dense times to be louder.

    The order and time of works is:
Works on the program:
Lizard Music (possibly repeated)

Approx. Layout of Bender Room